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efl_ui_spin_button: add tests for direct input feature
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Authored by bu5hm4n on Fri, Jan 3, 10:39 AM.



this simply passes in some key sequences and checks if the validation is
working. Additionally the output value is checked.
Depends on D11009

Depends on D11079

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rEFL core/efl
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bu5hm4n created this revision.Fri, Jan 3, 10:39 AM

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more work on this

This is still failing on travis in a Segfault that i cannot reproduce here locally.

@segfaultxavi is this also failing for you ?

Still failing for me, same place :(

../src/tests/elementary/efl_ui_test_spin_button.c:222:E:efl_ui_spin_button:spin_direct_text_input:0: (after this point) Received signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
../src/tests/elementary/efl_ui_test_spin_button.c:222:E:efl_ui_spin_button:spin_direct_text_input_comma_value:0: (after this point) Received signal 11 (Segmentation fault)

Can you now get a backtrace ? One thing is the crash with all details, but at a minimum thing the symbol names would be very good.