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eina: introduce eina_iterator_process
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Authored by bu5hm4n on Fri, Jan 10, 7:37 AM.



this brings a functional-map function to the iterator implementations.

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forgotten changes

Can you update the commit message also to remove the last ) that goes automatically in the url?

And I am quite baffle that this pass its own test, very weird.


This call doesn't look great as it doesn't give a chance for the callback to stop the iterator. I think going with an API closer to the next callback: Eina_Bool process(Eina_Iterator *original, void **data, void *fdata); would be better and more flexible.

Also it does feel weird that we implicitly use data for both the internal iterator and the processed result. I would prefer them to be split especially with the change above.

And maybe, instead of original, should we pass the iterator container? When reading the callback doc, I kind of expected that.


Where does iterator go?


So it is a map function, but we name the iterator processed... Why not naming it eina_iterator_map_new in this case?

Also it would be nice to name data, fdata actually to reduce potential confusion with the callback data.

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You should check that the iterator did actually iterate the right amount of time.

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fix checks

bu5hm4n added inline comments.Fri, Jan 10, 10:57 AM

You may want to step the iterator for different purposes:

  • Error on parsing some node -> We do not have a concept of errors in a iterator, that means a EINA_FALSE as a result would result in the iterator beeing stopped, which sounds quite "random"
  • You want to filter something -> use eina_iterator_filter_new

Thus i do not want to have the possibility to return anything from the process callback.

I decided for passing the original iterator, as you might be able to call there more things on when you get the container from the original container, (maybe, i dont know if there will be ever the case, but the processing iterator container is not really helpfull when it comes to that).

And the data field, well i implemented it like this, i dont see a problem with it ?


The name was decided, because map is already used in the eina context for mmap things, and i want to avoid any confusion with that.

cedric added inline comments.Fri, Jan 17, 11:06 AM

I think that limiting the ability of the iterator to not implement filter is going to bite us back later on. Chaining iterator, even if reducing code, imply more memory allocation and callbacks, which means slower operation. I would think that returning an Eina_Bool will allow to implement a filter (by just moving on to the next item in the iterator and calling the callback again).

Passing the parent iterator, kind of enable to do a filter, with most likely some more complex and painful code to write. Also please change the prototype of the callback. If we are passing an Iterator, it should be of iterator type.