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efl/gesture: handle multi-touch press for tap gestures
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Authored by zmike on Mon, Jan 13, 12:13 PM.



any time multiple fingers are pressed down at the same time, we should
treat this as a single gesture like if only one finger was pressed

Depends on D11085

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rEFL core/efl
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Buildable 15458
zmike created this revision.Mon, Jan 13, 12:13 PM

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CHAN added a subscriber: CHAN.Thu, Jan 16, 10:01 PM


When double tapping with multiple fingers, gesture_layer triggered a double tap event with number of fingers info.

To ensure compatibility with this behavior ... (not currently implemented ;;) This commit does not seem to be able to support multi-finger tap events.

what do you think?

zmike added a comment.Fri, Jan 17, 6:20 AM

Interesting. I don't think this patch prohibits us from adding that data to events, however. It should become easier to manage since we'll have more info (in the gesture recognizer) about which fingers are pressed.

I'll add another patch to implement this.

zmike updated this revision to Diff 28265.Fri, Jan 17, 7:42 AM
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