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efl-mono: Correctly load dynamic libs for OSX
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Authored by lucas on Sep 21 2020, 9:39 AM.



OSX libs end with .dylib, so it made failed to load libs, for instance
dl name is dl.dylib making it unable to load as it was before

Test Plan

Compare with master and note that this diff is able to fail on tests, and
not about importing libs.

  • Configure as especified by Enlightenment man page + -Dbindigns=mono -Ddotnet=true:
meson -Dsystemd=false -Dv4l2=false -Davahi=false -Deeze=false -Dx11=false -Dopengl=full -Dcocoa=true -Dnls=false -Demotion-loaders-disabler=gstreamer1,libvlc,xine -Decore-imf-loaders-disabler=scim,ibus -Dbindigns=cxx,mono -Ddotnet=true --prefix=$PWD/prefix build
  • Build normally
  • Test efl-mono-suite

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Build 11607: arc lint + arc unit
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