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elm_spinner: crash on illegal format set issue fix.

Authored by shilpasingh on Feb 10 2016, 5:03 AM.



Set any illegal format, spinner crashes, the format set to spinner
has to be valid hence a check is added initially itself to check for validity of
label formats.

Signed-off-by: Shilpa Singh <>

Test Plan
  1. Set illegal format to spinner for e.g: elm_spinner_label_format_set(sp, "d");
  2. Run spinner demo

Crash is observed

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rELM core/elementary
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Build 1351: arc lint + arc unit
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Warning message added.

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I think here should be added check for 'fmt' variable. Because code:

Evas_Object *spinner = elm_spinner_add(parent);
elm_spinner_label_format_set(spinner, "");

will cause segmentation fault.

jpeg added a subscriber: jpeg.Feb 14 2016, 11:40 PM

This feels a little insufficient. There should be one and only one number format character, that must be of type integer or floating point o, d, i, u, x, X or f, F.
If we pass in "%s %s %s" then we end up printing raw memory as a string.

_is_label_format_integer should probably return an error code if the format is not valid (ie. 0 or >1 format chars, or not a number format char).
Let's just be safe in case the format string can somehow be maliciously set by an attacker.


No need to prefix with "Warning", this is already a warning message :) It could be ERR though.

@NikaWhite, elm_spinner_label_format_set(spinner, ""); will not crash as its en empty string and not a NULL string but yes this will crash elm_spinner_label_format_set(spinner, NULL); - fixing it in next patch

@jpeg, you are right, working on it, will raise a new patch soon along with @NikaWhite issue fixes as well.