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evas/engine: changed the default ector engine to native engine. To change the engine to cairo use ECTOR_BACKEND=cairo

Authored by Hermet on May 19 2016, 7:03 PM.



the default cairo backend always creates confusion .. so changed the default backend to native one , and user has to set ECTOR_BACKEND=cairo to use cairo backend

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Until we do have a proper test suite that make sure we do match SVG specification, we can't switch to our own backend as cairo already proved they can do SVG support and we haven't. If you just rename, default to freetype as it was before, it would be as accurate and I would accept that patch.

If you want to make our freetype based one the default, we need a test suite. Also I am pretty sure we are not following SVG specification correctly at the moment as a bug open by @vtorri is still not closed/investigated.

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@cedric , the issue that vtorri raised was on cairo backend in windows.

@smohanty : do you mean the width which is not 1 ?

raster added a subscriber: raster.Jul 11 2016, 12:18 AM

so what to do with this? abandon? i assume so - not ready yet. need more tests. even so ft outline rendering may not match ciaro pixel for pixel but that's kind of ok. we need to ensure its correct or not for sure.

The native backend is more updated than the cairo one as no one is maintaining the cairo backend. so i still think we need to change the default backend to not use cairo

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@raster @cedric even cairo backend hasn't been proved. What does mean of sticking Cairo now? As subranthu said, even Cairo backend has crahses in using APIs. I believe no one use/test cairo backend but native is much used and tested.

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This is a too old patch, nobody keeps tracking on this anymore.

imho, if cairo backend has bugs that the native one has not, and if it is not maintained anymore, it should just be dropped

we have too much dependencies and the EFL should be simplified (less configuration, less code to maintain)

and we should open a task to mention we must have a test suite