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Add support for video thumbnails...

Authored by netstar on Jan 13 2017, 10:31 AM.



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indent again

This adds support to the thumbnail generation.

Hi @raster

This code works.

There is an issue with the path here.

If I'm in the CWD of the file and run rage_thumb it'll get the album art work

Otherwise WHATEVER i do trying to get the program

With the above patch this works:

$ /opt/lib/rage/utils/rage_thumb "Alien 3.mp4" 10000 1
$ tycat /home/netstar/.cache/rage/albumart/8e/62635d6a7d9302ea99290b11e3d57041c093df.jpg

This on the other hand:

/opt/lib/rage/utils/rage_thumb "/home/netstar/Videos/Alien.mp4" 10000 1

Dosnt work it just generates an image from the file....!!!!

Am a bit confused looking at the path in thumb.c it looks ok???

That above BOGOSITY works it sort of emulates the weird behaviour from the shell...

Nightmare to debug that I must say!

Hope you can fix better!!!

raster edited edge metadata.Jan 13 2017, 5:55 PM

your path to the file for rage thumb is totally different... its missing " 3" ...

That is a bad example...

I've both films. The same happens with "Alien 3.m4v" and "Aliens.m4v" bad example on my part. Oops!!!

I don't understand but the Video thumbnails are only properly generated if I change the CWD of /usr/local/lib/rage/utils/rage_thumb when searching for video thumbnails to $HOME/Videos and then use just the filename - otherwise it'll fail.

well i can say for sure that CWD isnt changed to make rage_thumb work... cwd is whatever rage the process inherits... and generally for me cwd is $HOME but sometimes something else and it works... rage_thumb should be getting passed full paths by rage as we hash the full path to fighure out the thumb hash to use... as the same filename in 2 dirs may definitely not be the same file or movie or music etc. eg /home/user/Music/Smellyband/Albumofants/track1.mp3 ... the file is track1.mp3 but the file path really matters... :)

Hi it must be something to do with the emotion we're using. I recall beforehand full path worked fie with the above code without the bogus chdir worked with a copy of data...

Wonder why this happens?

So with the mmap there is an image returned but it's some other image, unless change the CWD and then emotion_file_meta_artwork_get cannot get the actual album art image!

What happens???

netstar updated this revision to Diff 10528.Jan 15 2017, 5:04 AM

@raster, i've tried to make this less fugly...
I still don;t understand why it's returning a frame of vidoe
if not chdir and passing the filename only!!!

netstar updated this revision to Diff 10529.Jan 15 2017, 5:15 AM

Have tried to make this as pretty as I can!!!
I don't like this and i do not understand
wtf happens?!!!

netstar updated this revision to Diff 10534.Jan 15 2017, 11:12 PM

Use your effing gumption

netstar updated this revision to Diff 10536.Jan 15 2017, 11:24 PM

This one's better...

Seems evas_image_loader.gst can get in the way if symlinked
to files you want videothumbs from e.g. .m4v

netstar updated this revision to Diff 10537.Jan 15 2017, 11:32 PM

exit(0) on success - twice as fast thumb loading...
also elm_exit() will segv it's 7am..

Evas Generic Loaders caused the issue PROBABLY

I think i' d like to have the mp4 gst symlink (evas_image_loader) REMOVED...!!!

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