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ecore_drm2: Favor the boot_vga device, but fall back on one if there is none in the seat

Authored by ManMower on Dec 26 2017, 9:57 PM.



While looping for devices, save the match as fdev. if a boot_vga device is found, set that to dev as the device to use,. If one is not found, set dev to fdev, and that will be the device to use

Test Plan

With D5711 and D5710 and this, enlightenment starts on seat1

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n3rdopolis created this revision.Dec 26 2017, 9:57 PM
ManMower added a subscriber: ManMower.

I don't know that we should implement any manner of fallback if, say, seat1 has no specified gpu? If seat1 doesn't have a specified gpu it probably shouldn't be capable of running an independent compositor at all?

Shouldn't you just tag a gpu for the seat in udev and make things work that way?

This is fallback for if there is no boot_vga video device. (not that there's no video device at all) It's preferable to use it, but according to Weston, there's only one on a system
so it's not guaranteed to be assigned to the seat.

Ah, ok, so the idea is that if the boot_vga device isn't assigned to seat1 but some other gpu is, we work. That makes sense.

I've pushed a slight rework of this patch that should be functionally similar, but simpler in implementation.


Broken formatting...

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n3rdopolis added a comment.EditedJan 7 2018, 8:00 AM

I am looking at
...maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like chosen_dev only gets set if the parent device is PCI, (so I don;t know how that works with DisplayLink devices)...

...I think the

chosen_dev = dev;

should be moved above the

if (dparent)

line IMHO.