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GUI: update db panel

Authored by bowonryu on Oct 26 2018, 12:44 AM.



With this patch, ml(and app) can be created by selecting desired widget from DB.

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ea_gen -> DB

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Buildable 7904
Build 7368: arc lint + arc unit
bowonryu requested review of this revision.Oct 26 2018, 12:44 AM
bowonryu created this revision.

Hi Bowon,

I have a few points to discuss with you:

  • GUI:
    • Writing statically the class names and where they should sit (Containers...) is bad. Can't we use the config.json file to indicate the type of the widget ("Containers", "Widgets with items"... default is Widget)? In this way, you could be able to support new types on the fly, i.e just by indicating another type of a widget. Moreover, you should consider retrieving the widgets list from the DB classes for example. In this way, you support by default new widgets. Meaning that all the procedure would consist in get the wdgs list from DB, check for each one its type and append it in the right DB panel box.
    • The booleans values _b_... should be named in a better way, such as _db_prefs_button_chk.

Please find the commented function _check_create. You can use (and modify as you wish) it instead of _db_panel_check_create.

Bloody phab, I didn't finish my comments:


  • Please find the commented function _check_create. You can use (and modify as you wish) it instead of _db_panel_check_create.
  • What is entrie? You meant entries or entry?


  • check_content should not be in gui.c but int db.c
  • by selecting the widgets in the panel, you force the generation of only these widgets. Is this what we want? I thought the idea was to prefer some widgets rather than other, i.e by giving them more chance to be elected.
bowonryu abandoned this revision.Nov 22 2018, 5:42 PM

This patch wiil be replaced by another patch