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gfx: Add size hint fill (EO)
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Authored by YOhoho on Mon, Dec 3, 11:51 PM.



If widget use both hint_align(HINT_FILL) and hint_max together, there is no way
to set to hint_align. See, elementary_test -to '' -
"Button with a quite long text." button. you can control button position
using "Box align" slider, but this is not proper implementation. When there are
two widget which have hint_align(HINT_FILL) and hint_max, those positions are
determined by box_align rather than hint_align. it means widget align cannot be
set individually.
To solve this problem, this patch add hint_fill property. in order to avoid
conflict with legacy API named evas_object_size_hint_fill_set(), it only works
for EO widgets(made by efl_add).
Also, EFL_GFX_SIZE_HINT_FILL is removed.


Test Plan

elementary_test -to ''
elementary_test -to 'efl.ui.table'

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rEFL core/efl
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Buildable 8317
Build 7562: arc lint + arc unit