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Exactness: code importation
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Authored by JackDanielZ on Jan 10 2019, 12:45 PM.


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rEFL core/efl
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JackDanielZ created this revision.Jan 10 2019, 12:45 PM

It seems that this patch has no reviewers specified. If you are unsure who can review your patch, please check this wiki page and see if anyone can be added:

JackDanielZ requested review of this revision.Jan 10 2019, 12:45 PM
stefan_schmidt requested changes to this revision.Jan 16 2019, 4:54 AM

A commit that adds over 7000 lines of code should have more than a three work commit message. :-)
Please write why it is moved into the efl tree, also a short description of it for people who have not heard of it and also the revision you based this on from the exactness repo would be good for tracking.

Please also merge D7591 into this. Just the source files without any build system support are a bit pointless to have in a single commit.

Note for other reviewers:
I will not do a in-depth review on the full 7000 lines here. Exactness has been around and used for a while in a separate repo. This commit only moves it over.
If someone wants to do a full code review right now, feel free to do so.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jan 16 2019, 4:54 AM
zmike updated this revision to Diff 22942.Mon, Jun 24, 9:13 AM
zmike added a subscriber: zmike.

sync api

vtorri requested changes to this revision.Mon, Jun 24, 10:49 AM
vtorri added a subscriber: vtorri.

is it working on Windows ?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mon, Jun 24, 10:49 AM
zmike added a comment.Tue, Jun 25, 5:55 AM

No clue, not something I'm looking at currently.

when you have time, can you check, please ?

I didn't check for Windows.

I can test but I don't know when I will have time for it (work + family = 120% of the day :-) )

zmike added a comment.Wed, Jun 26, 5:51 AM

Whoa, JD you're alive!?

Am I? ;-)


i'll will try to test on Windows next week