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efl.ui.layout: split into abstract and real class

Authored by zmike on Feb 26 2019, 1:15 PM.



most widgets inherit from layout to provide implementations for common
functionality such as content/text/theme get+set.

one of the things that layout also brings into its inheritance hierarchy
is efl.file and implementations for its methods. this becomes a problem
when the widget which inherits layout also wants to provide implementations
for efl.file methods (e.g., entry, which uses efl.file to load text files)
as it will result in calling all of the efl.file implementations up the

in the case of entry, this could result in the 'file' property eventually being
set to the current theme file in use by the entry's layout object, and then the
entry will attempt to autosave its content to the default theme file when it is
destroyed, corrupting the theme file and breaking everything

to solve this:

  • efl.ui.layout remains an instantiable class which implements efl.file
  • efl.ui.layout_base is the abstract class which provides all the methods of layout but should be inherited by all widgets which want to implement efl.file functionality

Depends on D8018

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Changes make sense. make && make check && make examples continue working and there are no obvious failures in elementary_test.

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