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evas: enable setting any object as a clipper
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Authored by zmike on Tue, May 7, 12:21 PM.



now that various other bugs related to clipping/masking/drawing have
been fixed, this "just works"


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zmike created this revision.Tue, May 7, 12:21 PM

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Hermet requested changes to this revision.Wed, May 8, 7:12 PM
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See a comment.

I didn't watch a series of your patches. but curious how other type objects work as clipper. . what happens if text is set as the clipper?


Maybe this comment is redundant?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, May 8, 7:12 PM

This is a good point. I've done some testing locally and it doesn't work quite right yet.


No, rect clippers are the only kind which wouldn't trigger the mask codepath.

I was wrong and this does work exactly as expected: the area that the text is rendered into is the mask. I've added a test.

Hermet added inline comments.Mon, May 13, 1:42 AM

I mean the comment => /* image object clipper */

I have no idea what's your plan for maksing,
Will you make mask images to apply as the clipper if the clipper type is not rect or image?
How about the Line, Vg, Grid, Box whatever else?

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update comment

zmike added a comment.Mon, May 13, 4:38 AM

All of the types you listed should work as mask objects now.