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Enlighenment fails to load after the monitor setup changes
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The monitor management in Enlightenment is very fragile.
I've been locked out of my desktop on several occasions.
The only way to get my desktop back is to execute "find ~/.e/ | grep randr | xargs -i rm -v {}".

Steps to reproduce:

  1. find two monitors
  2. start e18 with one monitor
  3. plug the second monitor and setup e18 to use it
  4. stop e18
  5. unplug one of the monitors
  6. plug the other monitor in the wrong dvi output

If I use startx, I can see that there is some messages related to the output not compatible or something like that.
I cannot copy paste, so I cannot save the log. If you have any idea how I can save it I can provide it.

I'm using a dell and samsung monitors and nvidia 9800gt+nvidia drivers.

Running efl 1.9.0, enlightenment 1.8.5, gentoo linux 64bit.

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Start x normally, and check ~/.xsession-errors. There you should find the same log.

Are your monitors different from each other? Different resolution?

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Yes, they are different. The main monitor is 1600x1200, the second one is 1680x1050.
I've checked the .xsession-errors and they've been empty. I'm starting E with Slim.

I can try to reproduce the problem again, if you need the exact errors.

I get this behavior as well, with two monitors of the same resolution (not mirrored; side by side). If I suspend my laptop, disconnect the second monitor and then resume the laptop e will give me a blank screen, fixable only by deleting the e_randr.x.cfg files in ~/.e/e/config.

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