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Menu bug
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Menu(maybe right submenu) seen not every.System:
Manjaro Linux(x86_64)
Version Enlightement - 18.5
Language - Russian
Setting - default

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Screenshot crap :( by link best version

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i'm trying to figure out what the bug is? what is it? the screenshot looks normal to me. (well i don't know russian.. so if there is a translation problem... please point it out).

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AlexTalker means that the menu should not going out of screen. On screeshot sub menu expand to right side, but expected expand to left side. As for it problem because use can not see full name in sub menu items.

I still fail to realize whether there is a UX misunderstanding or a real bug here.

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not a bug. the menu goes off the screen... slide mouse right to edge of screen to scroll in. that's how menus have worked in e every since.