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New design for Entrance
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I've made a mockup for the Entrance login manager. I believe it is much more simple and user-friendly than the current one. I have made a mock-up of it with a few pictures and drawings in order to explain it in depth.

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@raster, maybe you might be interested?

raster claimed this task.Aug 7 2014, 5:18 PM

i'll add this to my assigned stuff so i find it again. right now i don't use entrance myself due to there being something wrong with the login sessions + systemd. i don't know why it happens, so i'm not going to be of much use, BUT i will congratulate you for beginning to do some good work there in design. i'd go over it in more detail, but imho - that grey box is just way too big. the e logo on the right just doesn't fit in...

some inspiratrion:

a few things entrance related:

  1. it's going to have to get some things like battery meter, backlight controls, suspend, hibernate, as well as power down, reboot. just think of he things you may/will need to do to your machine if you can't or don't log in. this also means things like auto-suspend on lid close, or screenblank timeout etc. (and it likely needs to do what e does with screenblank). so this needs to be considered in the design
  1. simpler is better. :)
  1. try some wallpaper/imagery there. in e the default is no image to save memory, but entrance has nothing else running, so you can be more generous. :)
  1. frankly having a nice animated wallpaper/bg of something like clouds drifting by at dusk and the stars glittering would be a nice touch (entrance would need the logic as above on blank to emit a signal to the theme so it can use this to suspend the animation).

Oh, yep, wallpaper: The whole center section's background can be changed, but the sidebars will fit the theme.
The logo being inserted into the center section is normal, it's a design decison I made, but if the devs disagree, I have no problem with making it fit.
The battery meter will probably go somewhere in the bottom corners with the other icons.
And yes, hell yes, an animated wallpaper would be awesome. Something that changes depending on the weather, depending on the time along with animated images would be great.
Any other icon buttons you will need will go in either bottom corners, left for one utility and right for another (In this case, right would be system stuff and left would be things like OSKs, battery meters, backlight controls and such).
Also, about the center box being way too big, note this is in 640x480 resolution, so anything on a normal PC would look smaller than this.

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I have forked entrance. I have done some initial changes to its design. I plan to do a bit more. Eventually making it theme-able again after addressing internationalization and some other issues. Feel free to submit any ideas, requests, patches/PR to the repo on Github.