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There should only be one dialog affecting the Desk Change animation…
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Right now, there are two separate Settings dialogues that affect Desk Change.

One of those is in Settings > Look > Transitions > Desk Change, the second is in Screen > Virtual Desktops > Flip Animation.

Kinda fun though, you can mix and match.

...I like this. I vote that we keep it.

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Just to make things a bit more clear. This is basically a usability issue.

The Settings > Look Transitions > Desk Change setting affects the background transition when a desk is changed. The code is in conf_theme/e_int_config_transitions.c. The configured transitions (ie crossfade, vswipe) are parts of the theme which are stored at e/transitions.

The Screen > Virtual Desktops > Flip Animation settings affect how the windows move/react when a desk is changed. The code is in conf_display/e_int_config_desks.c. The available animations are also part of the theme stored at e/comp/effects/auto.

I think it does make sense to put these all in one place from a usability perspective. Maybe move Desktop Flip Animation to Transition Settings and have a nice window transition preview? But one is for Background, one is for Window right now so it technically makes sense as is.