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Terminology: unique instance affects to other terminology's
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I don't know if this is normal or expected but at least i dont think that is on the user experience:

If you configure your terminology to use an unique instance (to save memory consumption), and you change some settings in one of them, all the other terminology's are affected, for example:

  • if you resize the fonts of a terminology (ctrl + wheel), so you cannot have different sized terminals
  • changing a theme
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This is wanted but maybe it shouldn't be done for theme and font size.


There's also some strange problem with the [ ] temporal checkbox, if you open the options it sometimes open it enabled and sometimes disabled, in the same time looks like sometimes is considered and sometimes no, maybe due to the instance stuff too

In any case, maybe could be a better way for the issue with fonts & theme that, if unique-instance-mode, by default open it with the temporal option marked (if it works correctly)

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