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Edje_CC does not handle nbsp properly on arm / remove nbsp in whitespace from flipselector.edc causing build issues with edje-cc
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For some reason flipselector.edc has some nbsp's and they cause ejde_cc on native arm to fail compiling. Changing the user locale from posix/utf8 makes things worse, as strange symbols are now 'hidden' from the text. cat-e does nicely reveal this problem:

This 'cat -e' catted diff shows this problem nicely.

diff --git a/data/themes/edc/elm/flipselector.edc b/data/themes/edc/elm/flipselector.edc$
index d0c72e0..b913382 100644$
--- a/data/themes/edc/elm/flipselector.edc$
+++ b/data/themes/edc/elm/flipselector.edc$
@@ -10,14 +10,14 @@ group { name: "elm/flipselector/base/default";$
    images.image: "shine.png" COMP;$
    images.image: "win_shadow.png" COMP;$
    images.image: "bevel_out.png" COMP;$
-   $
    data.item: "max_len" FLIP_PICKER_MAX_LEN_STR;$
-   $
    //FIXME: quick successive clicks on, say, up, lead to nastiness$
    script {$
       public cur, prev, next, lock;$
-M-BM-      flip_up(str[]) {$
+      flip_up(str[]) {$
          new tmp[FLIP_PICKER_MAX_LEN];$
          if (get_int(lock) == 1) {$
             replace_str(next, 0, str);$
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ group { name: "elm/flipselector/base/default";$
          set_state(PART:"bottom_shadow", "default", 0.0);$
          anim(0.2, "animator_top_down", 1);$
-M-BM-      flip_dn(str[]) {      $
+      flip_dn(str[]) {$
          new tmp[FLIP_PICKER_MAX_LEN];$
          if (get_int(lock) == 1) {$
             replace_str(next, 0, str);$

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This patch doesn't fix the real problem, just fixes the issue. I hope the patch does clean the nbsp as the content may get lost. Reffer to the pasted code above which does show hidden characters.

The patch for the edc is already applied. The problem in edje_cc stays

@stefan_schmidt - how are you testing - an arm qemu build?

Not at all sadly. The patch I committed for him was fine after visual inspection (only whitespace changes) and passed all my compile and check test cases.

For the fact that it fixes his issue on ARM I relied on the reporter.

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Is this still an issue?