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Photocam: fix display issues / refactor & optimize code
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Photocam currently suffers from a series of bugs, or exhibits some ugly behaviour in some cases.
The following list is not exhaustive:

  • after file_set() the image may be loaded at 1:1 size, and resized later, showing a short visual glitch depending on HW
  • file load can not be cancelled, which means it's not possible to quickly go between images
  • smooth scaling should be enabled whenever we use the GL engine, nearest scaling should be used only with SW engine when it makes sense in terms of rendering speed (tough problem to solve cleanly)
  • the initial zoom effect looks simply ugly (scroll bars are a mess, etc...), see T2587

Please add more detailed bugs in the above list and mark those that have been solved as you make progress on this task.

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Let's try to take a look at this for 1.22

@woohyun any ideas who knows photocam?