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[elementary] win_example multiple issues
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch win_example
    • $ ./win_example
  2. There are multiple issues with win_example, the list is below:

Non-managed window:

  • Buttons don't work:
    • All except fullscreen, maximized, rotation, rotation_resize
  • Fullscreen gets stuck
  • Non-managed window has borders
  • Non-editable text can be edited

Managed Window:

  • Buttons do nothing:
    • activate
    • lower
    • rise
    • shaped
    • maximized
    • iconified
    • sticky
  • Rotation moves window to upper left corner
  • Fullscreen gets stuck on, can't unfullscreen



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99% of the problems on this report are because there is no ICCCM/NetWm equiv. implementation inside Weston (or any other wayland compositor/shell). These will eventually work when all of that has been hashed out on the wayland side. Reporting non-functional things like this due to missing functionality inside wayland/weston is not exactly helpful.....rather annoying actually.

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Yes, a lot of these don't work for X11 either. It's not a specific engine problem but rather a poorly coded example.

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Although this ticket is rather old and most of the things it describes seem to be working now, this example does still have some issues, so it is worth taking another look.

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After taking a second look, almost everything seems to work as expected: All buttons work on the managed window, except fullscreen, and nothing works on the unmanaged window, except rotation.

This has been tested on a VM with X11 and Wayland. I can test again with real hw in a few days, but until then, maybe somebody else can take a look.

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I'm gonna say good enough.

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Ho Ho Ho! This issue was fixed by Santa!