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freeze/crash on FreeBSD
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Enlightenment freeze and stop responding. When the issue happens I can move the cursor (only move) and switch to a console (vt) but Enlightenment is frozen.
The freeze usually happens when invoking the Everything launcher (Alt+Esc) a few times consecutively (around 1~10 times) or using the filemanager. But sometimes it freezes just using the enlightenment interface, like configuring the panels. I couldn't reproduce it if I disable all the modules in: utilities, system, files and launcher sections.


EFL: 1.15.0
Elementary: 1.15.0
E: 0.19.8

What I tried:

  • Remove ~/.e and ~/.elementary
  • Different machines:
    • cpu i7-3770s with intel HD graphics 4000
    • cpu c2d U7500 with intel 945GM
    • cpu Q8200 with ati card
    • VirtualBox
  • Disable composite effects and OpenGL in initial wizard.
  • Compile EFL with SDL instead of OpenGL
  • FreeBSD 11-CURRENT
  • .xinitrc with export EINA_CPU_FAKE=1 and -nopause arg to enlightenment_start usually make X crash (most times segmentation fault) instead of freeze.
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A backtrace log using gdb and the .core file

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May I chime in?

Already reported similar problems here:

Few highlights:

  • previously it was hanging on uwait, now on usem;
  • same problems on ATI/nVidia;
  • in my case it flows through evas_common_scale_sample_init, yet again this is about scaling and drawing.

I can confirm the same problem DragonFly BSD (gcc 5.1.3, gold).

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