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Eet ovewrites symlinks
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I'm using Terminology - which uses eet under the hood. Today I discovered that a configuration file which I had symlinked to another directory (to better manage my dotfiles / configuration) had been overwritten. I've not yet had this happen with Enlightenment itself which could indicate perhaps it depends on how stuff is symlinked (files vs directories)

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@billiob any info from the terminology side on this?

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So then this is a terminology issue?

That's the proper way to avoid corruption.

I'm just trying to figure out who should be looking into this or if it should be looked at

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@samis, @Samis2001 One solution would be to symlink the parent directory where the .eet file is stored.

Since the initial report of this issue I no longer use symlinks in the manner originally described. I'll leave it up to you to either fix this or close it.