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Terminology error: _handle_esc_xterm() unhandled xterm esc 7
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Running terminology with some window managers gives the following error message and backtrace:

% terminology 
ERR<610>:termpty termptyesc.c:1428 _handle_esc_xterm() unhandled xterm esc 7
*** Backtrace ***
/usr/lib64/	 0x7fd08068d899 0x7fd08066b000
/usr/lib64/	 0x7fd08068ecd7 0x7fd08066b000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x433a34 0x400000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x43615a 0x400000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x43094d 0x400000
/usr/lib64/	 0x7fd07fba9989 0x7fd07fb94000
/usr/lib64/	 0x7fd07fba9c07 0x7fd07fb94000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x41430d 0x400000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x40cdcc 0x400000
/lib64/	 0x7fd07db495a0 0x7fd07db29000
/usr/bin/terminology	 0x40ce09 0x400000

% terminology --version
Version: 0.9.1

This is happening when using the awesome window manager. The operating system I am using is gentoo linux.

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Could you get a detailed backtrace using gdb?

The error is not fatal and terminology seems to run without further problems.

If a detailed backtrace using gdb is really needed, I will have to learn how to do it first.

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This is no issue. You should no longer see the backtraces in the next version.

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