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Flip when dragging option not working as expected
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Originally I implemented the "Flip when dragging objects" option in this commit:

This was before "edge bindings" were implemented. There were 2 checkboxes.

  1. Flip when moving mouse to the screen edge
  2. Flip when dragging objects to the screen edge

In my config I always disabled 1 and enable 2. This allows the user to drag windows or objects between desktops easily. But does not cause edge flips when the mouse accidentally drifts to the edge of the screen.

This is not possible anylonger.

Currently, edge flips are enabled using Edge Bindings. If the "Flip when dragging objects" option is disabled then when dragging windows edge flipping will not work. If the option is enabled it doesnt really do anything.

I would like to be able to only enable edge flipping when dragging objects.

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zmike added a comment.Nov 7 2015, 5:57 PM

There's an option in edge bindings which allows a binding to only activate while dragging.

shorne added a comment.Nov 7 2015, 6:09 PM

Thank you, that works and I didn't see that.

If i click "modify" when selecting an edge binding it brings up a window to allow for setting options Clickable Edge and Drag Only. Thats perfect for me.

Does anyone use the "Flip when dragging objects to the screen edge" option in *Virtual Desktops Settings* That is enabled by default. I think there are a few options

  1. Leave everything as is
  2. Remove the option from "Virtual Desktop Settings"
  3. Move the option to "Edge Binding" Modify as something like "Not when Dragging"
zmike added a comment.Nov 7 2015, 6:31 PM

For right now I'd prefer to not do anything with this as the final release is approaching.

I think there's another ticket open about this but I don't remember what it is. Either way, this whole thing is getting nuked soon during the settings rewrite so there's not much point spending time on it now.

shorne added a comment.Nov 7 2015, 6:32 PM

Thanks for the head up. Ill leave as is. If I can find the other ticket ill link it. I'll ask in IRC about the settings rewrite.

shorne closed this task as Wontfix.

Closed as wont fixed and mentioned it in the Settings Rewrite task.