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wayland window size and surface size set incorrectly after configure events
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When a compositor sends an xdg configure to any efl client, the client sizes improperly.

Compositor sends size 100x100
Client's resulting window size should be 100x100 + size of csd drop shadow (if exists)
Actual result: client's window size is ~100x130

This is caused by the ecore evas engine calculating the configure size as being only window content and not window content + frame as expected. This breaks things like maximize.

Also it seems that csd shadow region is either not being disabled or not triggering an xdg window size update upon disabling during a maximize.

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How does this break maximize ?? In what way ??

I just tried it here with today's git master of everything, and terminology maximizes properly....

I also just checked maximize of terminology when running in Weston, and it's doing exactly what it should..

zmike added a comment.Nov 17 2015, 9:29 AM

For the last time, testing in Weston alone is not a conclusive case: Weston does not provide multiple shelf locations/orientations, does not utilize many valid examples of protocol, does not have any window placement algorithms, and does not perform operations with identical timing.

The final window geometry sent by a Terminology instance run in enlightenment upon being maximized is

xdg_surface@21.set_window_geometry(7, 5, 1914, 1037)

This is on a 1920x1080 screen. The CSD shadow is not calculating correctly here for some reason and so the entire size is wrong.

Furthermore, while this may happen to "work" in Weston, you seem to be ignoring the fact that Weston places windows randomly. The reason why EFL applications appear in the wrong place in Enlightenment is exactly because of what I described in the OP--window size is not being set to include the frame.

No need to get angry and defensive ... I was just stating what I've observed.

zmike added a comment.Nov 17 2015, 9:51 AM

I am not angry, nor am I defensive. I am exasperated because we go through this dance every time there is a toolkit bug.

"For the last time, testing in Weston alone is not a conclusive case: " .... you seem to (somehow) concluded that I only tested in Weston, when in actuality my first test was with E. Visually it seemed to maximize just fine....but now that I have more information to go on (your xdg window geometry line), I can actually dig into this.

And yes, we'll likely continue going through this dance. Toolkits need to work in various situations (and that includes Weston so I have to test there also).

"you seem to be ignoring the fact that Weston places windows randomly. " .. where in Any of my statements did you infer that ??