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Incorrect GTK menu position and size in efl v1.16
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After updating to v1.16 of efl GTK menus and combobox shows incorrectly. It positioned higher and focus of mouse pointer follow later. I take two screenshot with "import" and "xwd" where we can see diferent size and position of menu. Import show as I see. xwd show correct position and I think focus follow this position.



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I also have this issue.

It only seems to happen with GTK3 applications (with GTK2 it's fine)

I'm using EFL 1.6 and Enlightenment 20, compiled from source using the release tarballs (not git)

My system is Debian 8 amd64

Attached is a edited screenshot of how a GTK3 window and menu are rendered in Enlightenment and in Fluxbox. The application I used to demonstrate is roxterm, but it happens with any GTK3 application

Same problem here. Tested on Arch w/ Enlightenment 0.20.1 and GIT.

GTK2 is fine, as well as QT apps.

Problem is still present in Enlightenment 0.20.5 + EFL 0.17.0

still there in 20.6