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Non correct placing and responsing GTK3 menu applications on E20.
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Non correct placing and responsing GTK3 menu applications on some themes (non correctly on themes with menu shadows) on E20.

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Also happens with virt manager.

What theme are you using for this ?? I suspect this is a gtk theme bug because I've tested it here with a default gtk theme and there was no issue when running gtk3-demo app (testing the Menus demo)

standard gtk theme...

Following way to see the problem:

  • Start gtk3-demo
  • Rightclick somewhere
  • hover with the mouse above the menu items
  • the highlighting of the menu items will not be correct with your mouse position. The highlighting will start when your mousecursor is half the way of the lower menuitem.

Odd. I've just tested Transmission here and I don't see this issue

To see this issue you need any gtk3 theme with menu shadows and using software compositing mode.