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Copypaste hoversel object is cut when we right click on corner text
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When we click on corners of text in entry widget the copy paste hoversel is cut, instead it has to be displayed in the visible area of the window.


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In tizen 2.4, hoversel is left-aligned by default, but if it can show more area in right-aligned, then change align to the right. (This behavior is handled in C code)
@divyesh told me, he can fix this probelm by changing edc only. Let's discuss further after checking his patch.

Actually we have 3 solutions to fix the same,
firstly we are making a simple change in edc by keeping hoversel left aligned instead of center, that would change the look of widget, if its acceptable that would be simplest fix. (I think that's the right look for hoversel widget, to maintain consistent look of the same any where its placed corners/centers hence we are making that change currently, moreover in other platforms also hoversel widget is left aligned)
else we will modify .c code to find more best locations for corner areas like bottom right, top left etc:- there by adding more swallow areas in edc.
one more solution would be to use "smart" of hover, but we will need to modify that based on horizontal/vertical preference as well .
First we will put the edc fix and if not acceptable we will work on second solution or any thing else based on further discussions.

if we have to go by edc approach then yes we need similar code as yours from tizen_2.4, we will add it first and further discuss based on reviewer's comments else we take the other planned approaches, Thanks

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