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Setting scale and geometry can lead to unexpected results
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setting a scale on an elm widget (elm_object_scale_set) and then resizing it using the evas API (evas_object_resize) will normally result in the expected size being set with the contents scaled.

However some times (around 1 in 10 or so, varying with the input numbers) it can result in a larger size based on what the scale would require if a size were not set.

The result of these calls should not be undefined. I would prefer that the resize call is respected but either way I think there's a race condition in here somewhere. updated the task description. (Show Details) raised the priority of this task from to Incoming Queue. added a project: Restricted Project. added a subscriber:
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I attach a small project (could have been smaller, apologies - need to work on "app only" EDI project template...) to demonstrate.

build and run ./src/bin/ScaleBug - then resize the window - you will see the widgets flicker as they toggle between the size as a % of the window (evas_object_resize) and the larger size calculated from the scale (elm_object_scale_set).

The largest problem is the non-deterministic behaviour as this is not a resize flicker but a toggle in calculation seemingly at random.

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