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Everything not getting keyboard input
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A ticket to keep track of the everything problem.

Problem one is that override windows never can accept focus. Isnt this wrong ? Shoudlnt override windows be able to get focus ? (e_comp_wl.c:132)

Problem nomber two, even if I get everything to get focus no keyinput arrives, but the keys are sent to the client, (they even get call _keyboard_cb_key). Any idea why everything is not reacting on them?

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Okay some more progress:

Problem number one:

When a key down event is sent first (from drm or the "compositor engine") _e_comp_cb_key_down is called which calls e_comp_wl_key_down which will sent this key down event to the wl client (which is enlightenment). This will result in another ECORE_EVENT_KEY_DOWN event.

Problem number two:

e_comp_wl_key_down always returns true if a client is focused. This way a ECORE_EVENT_KEY_DOWN never gets continued down to something like everyhing.
(What I dont know is why internal windows like background settings are working).

Idea how to fix it: Only emit a key down event to a wayland client if this key is not sent as pressed yet.

What do you think?

Less progress, my enlightenment did some strange stuff so the existing mechanism was not working, after a rebuild the mechanism to not sent keys all the time works now as expected.

So I still have just fixed the focus problem.

bu5hm4n reassigned this task from bu5hm4n to devilhorns.Jan 19 2016, 7:39 AM

Some update from the past days:

  • override windows are getting focus again (stage one)
  • elementary window api returns a window id not a surface id

this still doesnt fix stuff @devilshorn has now the magic anti-bug hat

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