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Terminology text cursor jumps around in nano and kernel menuconfig
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Using Terminology 0.9.1 on Gentoo and it is pretty much unuasable whenever I want configure the kernel and/or edit some config files with nano. Example for kernel connmandline if I backspace to delete a command it backspaces to the command before it and erases text about 8 spaces back. Same behavior in nano.

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I fail to reproduce your issue :(

Could you try the git version?

I will try git version to see if this problem persists. It really is unusable this way. It's mostly when I backspace the cursor jumps around.

This also happens in git

Are you using a debian-based distribution?
If that's the case, toggle "BackArrow sends Del (instead of Backspace)" in Settings → Behavior.
Also ask the package's author to add that patch

No I'm on Gentoo.

I'm having exactly the same issue on Arch linux
Terminology 0.9.1-1, Enlightenment: 0.20.1-1, Wayland/Weston: 1.9.0, nano: 2.5.2-1, bash 4.3.042-4, linux: 4.4.1-2

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Same issue here.
Running E 0.20.2, efl 1.16.1, nano 2.5.2, Terminology 0.9.1. I'm also running Gentoo.
The option "BackArrow sends Del (instead of Backspace)" doesn't help.
Just tried xterm and there nano works correctly without glitches.

The issue is pretty annoying!

Did it work before?
I've played with make menuconfig over the weekend and did not have any issue.
@obfuscated, @drewrey2014 can you give the kernel version you're using?
Which shell?

I need a reliable way to reproduce the issue in order to investigate it.

Ok I'm using kernel 4.4.2 on Gentoo, using bash and this also happens using nano to config text files especiall when backspacing.

Both bash and fish.
Kernel 4.3 and 4.4.2

Steps to reproduce:
0. open new file

  1. type abcdef
  2. left arrow twice
  3. type more letters
  4. the line is totally garbled.

If you cannot reproduce I can record a video:)

I'm also on 4.4.2 but with zsh and having 0 issue.

Is it better if you change terminology to 256 colors (in Settings → Behaviour) and then restart terminology?

What is your version of ncurses?

Nope, toggling 256 colors doesn't change the behaviour much.
I have XTERM_256_COLORS=1 set in the environment if it matters.
The version of ncurses is 6.0-r1.

I guess that if you downgrade ncurses, it'll work fine again.

This doesn't happen with other terminal emulators example gnome-terminal. I'll try the downgrade and see if that works.

I'm not saying terminology is not at fault but as a temporary workaround, this should work.

downgrading to ncurses-5.9 does not fix the problem

I am also on Gentoo, ncurses-5.9 ,terminology-0.9.1 (compled from source with debugging). Unable to reproduce this in nano, vim or make menuconfig

Glad it's working for you but it still happens here.

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works for me too. ncurses 6, arch. nano works just fine.

Still doesn't work here it's pretty much unusable when editing text in Terminology.

Here's a screenshot of what happens when backspacing. It jumps all over the place randomly deleting text wherever it jumps.

Here's another with kernel editing:

i don't know why it doesn't work for you. terminology doesn't have any special compile flags to change terminal handling. i suspect it has something to do with terminfo and ncurses just producing different escapes. why it does for you and not others like me... i don't know. i don't have anything to go on atm.

this now happens on my archboxes with terminology-0.9.1

can you test with the git version of terminology?

Still happens with git version