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Enlightenment 0.20.4 breaks Terminology 0.9.1
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After upgrading to Enlightenment 0.20.4, keyboard input in Terminology 0.9.1 stops working. I tried to recompile Terminology, but the problem persists. Reverting to E 0.20.3 restores functionality in Terminology.
EFL & Friends 1.17.0

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Same here with Ubuntu trusty. I checked everything was uninstalled before upgrading but keyboard issues persisted. So I installed 0.20.3 again.

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Yep, same thing happening here. Keyboard events are not forwarded to Terminology with E 0.20.4.

I had a browser open as well as a terminology window. Both were on separate virtual desktops. When I tried typing in terminology, the keyboard events went to the browser instead. Starting terminology, the cursor was dimmed, which was unusual. Clicking on the terminal changed its cursor to the regular highlighted appearance, as if the terminal had focus. Though keystrokes still went to the browser.

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