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Add Textblock2 object
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Textblock2 is going to be our next Textblock in Evas.
This is considered as a blocker for us to have proper Text interface in EFL.

What is Textblock2?

Textblock2 is a revised Textblock object. It is a stripped-down (code-wise) version of Textblock. The capabilities of the original Textblock object are meant to be offloaded to higher level.
All features of Textblock are meant to be supported by Textblock2 directly or via the other higher level classes that will be using it.


This object will NOT provide built-in markup handling. Instead, formatting will be performed via "Annotation". This is explained later in this task, but basically Annotation API will allow us to set formatting to a specified range.

Note: need more API here


  • text_set/get


  • cursor_new/get
  • cursor_pos_set/get
  • etc.


  • annotate(size_t start, size_t end, char *style);


Tasks will be added here over time, to accompany the stages to get a fully-working Textblock2 object.

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I'd much rather you made it a wiki page and made it more descriptive. This is very hard to work with. I have many comments and this feels incomplete. I commented a bit on IRC.

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