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wayland: "Failed to exec XWayland: No such file or directory" - binary name is "Xwayland"
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a follow up on T3409:

enlightenment tries to start XWayland, but the binary on my machine is not called "XWayland" but "Xwayland".

XWayland Finished Init
        Launching XWayland: false: :0
Failed to exec XWayland: No such file or directory
zmike added a comment.Apr 4 2016, 12:43 PM

That's just a typo in the printfs and not anything related to the code being executed.

Looks like your build failed to find Xwayland and configure didn't disable the module.

i doubt the commit rEa4588933a0c5 is wise, as most distris have separate Xwayland packages which enables Xwayland if it is there, or not if it's not. as such this effectively makes Xwayland a build dependency if distris want Xwayland to be possible.

Perhaps using AC_PATH_PROGS to check for name variations of XWayland would be a better approach ??