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Startup applications don't show on Wayland.
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Settings>All>Apps>Startup Applications and choose an app. (ie terminology)
Logout and start E again.

While the app seems to be running it doesn't have a window on screen.

ApB created this task.Apr 18 2016, 4:27 AM

For the case its a x11 application the problem is that xwayland is not startet yet.
For the case its a wl client, the wl_desktop_shell not startet.

Both modules are started when all modules are loaded. So startup applications are started before. I think the modules should be loaded in comositor init. This works fine for the wl_desktop_shell, but xwayland hangs in a pulseaudio auth info get for x, I dont know how to work arround that. why does pa at all want to get information from x?

(@zmike remeber the 100% cpu usage and the missing client? This has the same cause.)