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[Bug] Behavior of the Text property with 'None' style is not clear
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  1. Add new layout;
  2. Add new style “def_style” in 'Textblock style manager';
  3. Add new Textblock;
  4. Type some text in the Text field in the Textblock property.
  5. Set style “def_style”, check Workspace;
  6. Set style “None”, check Workspace;
  7. Change text in the Text field in the TextBlock property, check Workspace;

Actual result:
4.Text is not visible with 'None' (default) style.
6.Text is visible with 'None' style.

Expected result:
Same for both cases.

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I am so sorry
I just wanted to beat those Friday points (34)

now its 35 point done today so I finally can go home!

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