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Startup Applications do not start in Enlightenment 0.20.7
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I am using Arch Linux, and in Enlightenment 0.20.7, none of my "Startup Applications" are running when I start Enlightenment. This problem seems to only occur when Enlightenment is started via LXDM, thus running under X. If I run enlightenment_start from a text console - which launches Enlightenment via Wayland - then my startup applications are ran.

This issue did not occur in version 0.20.6, so I have downgraded back to that version.

The startup applications are .desktop files stored in /etc/xdg/autostart. In Enlightenment's settings, under Apps > Startup Applications, you can choose which ones you want to run.

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I can confirm this in e 0.20.7, i'm yet to try the e21 beta.

I was running under X11 launched with lightdm

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