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entrance hangs on session logout on debian 8
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After logging out closing the session either for logout or shutting down, entrance hangs. Shutdown is delayed for a couple of minutes, new login is not possible.

I started an experimental fix which works in my environment, so there already is a Revision URI for review:

This probably is not quite the optimal fix. It seems to work in my environment, butwill probably need some refinement after working through the complete efl documentation. I hope this approach approximates the expected procedure...

I have forked entrance. I have an open issue on this. I will review your modifications and apply as applicable. Feel free to submit patches or PR if you like. Thanks!

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entrance only has seen recent development in the forked repo from @wltjr, who has been "in conflict" with other e developers. however, entrance development seems to have been stopped by the enlightenment team. so this is very likely still an issue, but the resolution inside the fork doesn't seem to be compatible now.

ask @bu5hm4n and/or about the state of entrance...