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Alt-scroll for virtual desktop change while hovering a window loops back to the desktop the window is on
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Versions: enlightenment 0.20.8, efl 1.17.1, elementary 1.17.1, evas_generic_loaders 1.17.0

When scrolling through desktops with alt-scrollwheel, if a window is hovered on any of the desktops you cannot scroll past that desktop without leaving the hovered window with the mouse.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start E after fresh reboot
  2. Start gnome-terminal
  3. Hover gnome-terminal
  4. Alt-scrolldown to switch from e.g. screen 1 desktop 0 to screen 1 desktop 1

Pager animates a switch from desktop 0 to desktop 1, screen flickers desktop 1 momentarily but goes back to desktop 0 after some few milliseconds

Behavior expected:

Desktop is switched from 0 to 1