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Terminology handles zerowidthspace incorrectly (affects weechat)
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tested locally on manjaro, running weechat from terminology,uxterm and xterm

indentation issues like this

appear in terminology only (look at the right, its suppsed to be a straight line)

a zero width space is added by the bridgebot to avoid pings, terminology ignores the zerowidth bit and renders it as normal space
apparently weechat assumes one character less though

other bugs this itroduces are when changing buffers trailing characters are miscounted and are hanging around on the buffer until they are repainted

i will be available in irc: #e

apologies for not being able to report more infos, but i have mostly tried to seperate out bugs when trying to use terminology+tmux+weechat on a freebsd box

related bugs and behaviours i noticed while testing around:

this also happens regardless of the terminal when using tmux (via ssh or locally) so there seems to be some common broken behaviour

it seems to be sometimes fixed when just ssh'ing into my server and running weechat (yes i know crazy inconsistent)

Nikky created this task.May 30 2016, 1:04 PM

tmux seemed to have a similar issue which was fixed in 2.1 to 2.2 seems to have something to do with utf8-mouse

which is sadly apparently not available for my freebsd..