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[Bug] SIGSEV on import edc
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  1. import edc
  2. name a project
  3. click on path to edc
  4. go to a file through fileselector and click on it (just highlight, DO NOT click on Ok)
  5. Open that file in vim or notepad, change and save

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
eina_list_append (list=0x4400000042, data=0x0) at lib/eina/eina_list.c:565
(gdb) bt
#0 eina_list_append (list=0x4400000042, data=0x0) at lib/eina/eina_list.c:565
#1 0x00007ffff47dcdb5 in _efl_model_evt_added_ecore_cb (data=0x18efca0, type=<optimized out>, event=0xd249f0) at lib/eio/eio_model.c:146
#2 0x00007ffff6b65c69 in _ecore_call_handler_cb (event=<optimized out>, type=<optimized out>, data=<optimized out>, func=<optimized out>) at lib/ecore/ecore_private.h:312
#3 _ecore_event_call () at lib/ecore/ecore_events.c:518
#4 0x00007ffff6b6c7c5 in _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (once_only=once_only@entry=0) at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:2342
#5 0x00007ffff6b6cb67 in ecore_main_loop_begin () at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:1284
#6 0x00007ffff7844635 in elm_run () at lib/elementary/elm_main.c:1130
#7 0x0000000000417e5a in elm_main (argc=argc@entry=2, argv=argv@entry=0x7fffffffe428) at ../../src/bin/main.c:330
#8 0x000000000041754f in main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffffe428) at ../../src/bin/main.c:339

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