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Wiki Access Denied
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When trying to view any page on the wiki, I get an access denied error:

Access Denied: Restricted Phriction Wiki Document
You do not have permission to view this object.
Users with the "Can View" capability:

  • pawatzaza (taeza) can take this action.
  • To view a wiki document, you must also be able to view all of its parents.

I last looked at pages on the wiki two days ago, so this is a recent change.

bu5hm4n assigned this task to beber.Jul 16 2016, 12:26 AM
raster closed this task as Resolved.Jul 17 2016, 6:23 PM
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i fixed it by digging into the mysql db. the main wiki page is now ONLY editable by admins. sorry. i also disabled that user.

i'm trying to find out old wiki page content in the db but tbh phab's history tracking is... lacking. it doesnt have all history. digging around is painful due to having to reference multiple tables to figure out the wiki path. dokuwiki is much better for this. thank got for a git back end. :)

i think this is a wakeup call for us to proactively move all content that isnt PURELY development based documents (e.g. us sharing info on plans or as a discussion point or as a temporary page for a dev day or something)... it should go to dokuwiki. reverting is easy there. on phab it's effectively impossible without messing with sql, and even then it's limited.

Dear Raster,

We have seen same issue on our locally hosted Phabricator and when we try to open the Phriction we have see the error as shown in the attached screen shot. We used to have so mcuh Wiki content here. Actually we have provided the "CAN VIEW' access to all users. Can you please help us to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance,

i don't know how to help? what document is it? where? do you mean's phab or yours locally has this issue? i'm confused there.

Hi Raster,

Thanks for your response and I have the issue with our locally hosted Phabricator for our organization. Can you please help me to fix the issue which was fixed by you previously for your phabricator.

i cant fix your phab other than explain what i did. i uszed the mysql command line then poked around with sql. you'll need to know sql (db query language) or quickly learn it.

if figured out what databases exist with "bin/storage databases" command in the phab base dir. then a bunch of poking around all the db's and selecting tables and reading the output, figuring out what the content was etc. etc. ... your db's will be custom to you and i have no access to your db.

Hi Raster,

I am not saying you to fix it and looking for details from you how to fix it on DB side. We have knowledge on sql and we have already went through the Phriction DB tables and could find any issue there. When you have seen the issue how did you fix it on DB side? Need your help here and really appreciate your help.


well first you're asking me to remember exactly what i did 2 years ago. i know i messed around with the db's and found the old content still there. i put it back (via the web ui with a copy & paste from the output from my select) and changed permissions on the page via the regular web ui. i cant tell you the exact table, row, entry et.c i found the old content in, but phab was keeping previous revisions in the db.

Hi Raster,

We could find the issue and fixed it. We have given the edit access of Parent doc of Phriction Wiki to All Users and by mistake an engineer of a project set their project wiki as parent document and removed the parent document. Here the specific project wiki which is now parent doc is not accessible to all users. We have given the View and edit permission to all users and the we could see the Parent Wiki document and updated as the edit policy. Thanks for your support.