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elm_fileselector_path_get returns garble when used on a FileselectorEntry widget, NULL with FileselectorButton
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With luck the garble is a null terminated string from somewhere, without it's just garble that leads to crashes when attempting to process it as a string.

The signal "file,chosen" works fine on both widgets.

kuuko created this task.Jul 22 2016, 3:52 AM

Not sure, but given the description I think the problem may come from since 77a2e9744dbb0ac0881cd78d44798ddf6448f662,
when path_get was removed from the .eo file.

Thanks for reporting. I'm baking a solution right now.

Fix pushed.
Commit: 7efa27faed12dc57f5f44fb635e26482955ca0cf

@kuuko, could you check if it is OK?

kuuko added a comment.Jul 29 2016, 9:18 AM

Fixed, thanks!