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[Bug] Two colors displayed in Textblock style manager
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  1. Open Textblock style manager
  2. Lines section > Click on Strikethrough color picker and pick light-blue color
  3. Open underline combobox and close it
  4. Click on Strikethrough color button and pick yellow color

at step 2: Light-blue and white colors displayed
at step 4: Yellow and light-blue colors displayed

Only one color should be in color picker

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Please update the efl.
Can not reproduce, please check again

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Still reproduce:


  1. Select part with color attribute.
  2. Call colorselector popup.
  3. Change color few times.
  4. Close colorselector.

What the engine you use? With OpenGl render I can't reproduse it.

Ok its reprodused with sotware rendering.

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Reprodused in elementary_test too.
@raster this bug is happen after commit 1c6bb48c11dba18cea927f9dc6b32c54d649fcbb

Can you check it?

that's bizarre. i can't see the problem in the elm color selector. i trust you that you bisected. cool. that SHOULDNT cause an issue though.... this is weird.

oh wait... now i figured out how to reproduce it. i was just sliding the alpha slider around. got it. still ... odd!

This problem only with images with alpha < 255

actually wait. i think i may know why...

umm wait... are you sure it's this commit?

ok. i reverted 1c6bb48c11dba18cea927f9dc6b32c54d649fcbb locally and the bug is still there in the elm color selector. it's not this patch that causes the issue. :(

ok - so yes the update del didn't account for a few things like alpha etc. but that would cause other bugs.... not what you're pointing at here. this commit isnt the root cause. as i said - i reverted it and still there at least in color selector test in elm.

odd, that this bug is still reproduced.
Thank you, I will continue to search where is the problem.

i found it... :)

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