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ePhoto side Menu hides on tooltip
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Open Ephoto->Open and Image->Right click -> Edit -> Go over each action button and allow the tooltip to display.

Keep going down watching each tooltip show. When you reach the last button (top or bottom) the whole button bar almost completely dissapears.

You'll see to the right the button bar, it moves there on the last mouse-over tooltip. Go down one by one, let the tooltip show ...

netstar created this task.Aug 12 2016, 7:01 AM

Must also say I prefer the new approach of a side menu for applying actions to a makes more sense. Just needs a [MODIFIED] to the titlebar on modification or something like that :)

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stephenmhouston closed this task as Resolved.Aug 18 2016, 7:16 AM

This has been fixed with commit 57fd04f34650bb947398da5e1a121389ba01574c

Thank you for the feeback! Keep it coming!