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Python-EFL Edje decorators unit test fails
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kuuko created this task.Aug 16 2016, 5:08 AM
kuuko updated the task description. (Show Details)
kuuko added a comment.Aug 16 2016, 6:21 AM

I'm doing manual git bisecting, 3f426ca519794843643252520f2c9b8f3bf85a30 is good

Thanks. I'm testing a working c example.
Will check based on this commit.

Going back, dd584b9f79ec41b53ca620ae534fcf84f12e30a9 is bad and looks like our winner, I'm checking the previous commit now just to make sure.

Previous commit 94af40b3b6109890e25f7c1432ed3d291b26227e is good, I'll play with our test to learn how it behaves.

@herdsman mentioned on IRC, the change shouldn't be affecting TEXT parts.

So these signals were emitted by ext_elm_entry, its text is set to "" on creation. Raster changed this behaviour (and it makes sense) so let's change our test as well.