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When the wizard completes, when running with E_WL_FORCE=wl, Enlightenment reexecutes as if though E_WL_FORCE=drm
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When filling in the Wizard is complete when exporting E_WL_FORCE=wl, and it reruns Enlightenment, it appears that it tries to start Enlightenment on the DRM backend, and then it fails

I see lines stating about trying to take over the TTY, which seems to be as if though it tries to use the DRM backend

When Enlighenment is running normally, and then crashes under E_WL_FORCE=wl, it reexecutes correctly though


zmike closed this task as Resolved.Aug 22 2017, 11:26 AM

This should be resolved in the compositor, though T5927 will probably cause a crash before startup completes.