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ecore_exe_quit doesn't work
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Please see example, there is the process that should create 2 files in /tmp. But after 1 file creation ecore_exe_quit is calling. Nothing happens, second file is creating successfully, but shouldn't.

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raster added a comment.Sep 2 2016, 9:37 PM

i would not advise to do this. so what command ends the exe? we listen for a sigchild. which sighld is it if its a string of commands... you might want to add a subshell so there is only a single command sl change the cmd to be
"sh -c \"rm -rf x && mkdir -p y && touch z\""

then when the parent sh returns the command is done.

jpeg closed this task as Invalid.Feb 14 2017, 1:10 AM

I wouldn't do that either. But I've done a quick experiment and here's what happens:

17:59 jpeg@albator ~ % zsh -c "/usr/bin/sleep 10" &
[1] 12946
17:59 jpeg@albator ~ % kill -QUIT $!
[1]  + quit (core dumped)  zsh -c "/usr/bin/sleep 10"

This worked "fine". Sleep was killed and the shell exited.

(in terminal 1) zsh -c "/usr/bin/sleep 30"
(in terminal 2) kill -QUIT <pid>

In that case nothing happens! Not sure why, but I guess the same would happen with other shells. So yeah I don't think this ticket really is valid.