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shelf tiling gadget doesn't do anything / overlay on wrong screen
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shelf tiling gadget doesn't do anything beyond switching it's background image. tiling is not affected at all.

also the screen overlay is displayed always on the first screen instead of current screen.

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if you start 2 apps in the mode with the two vertical bars, than switch to the two horizontal bars, and start another app, what does happen?

and the overlay is indeed placed on the wrong screen.

ahhh so this applies only to new windows. then it is just confusing because i have set ALT+Space for Tiling > Toggle floating and this floats the current window. indeed setting CTRL + ALT + Space for Tiling > Toggle split mode it only affects newly created windows and behaves like the gadget.

so it's a bug with the overlay and two similar named operations with totally different behaviour.

ProhtMeyhet renamed this task from shelf tiling gadget doesn't do anything to shelf tiling gadget doesn't do anything / overlay on wrong screen.Sep 6 2016, 6:34 AM

Okay, changing following:

  • displaying the gadget on the screen where the current focus is
  • change description on "Change split mode for new windows"

Good with that?

yep, sounds fine :-)

ProhtMeyhet reopened this task as Open.Oct 27 2016, 6:17 PM

@bu5hm4n in rE686dc747d6f6c481614fd5d0a7a1fb413da0ca5f you've only changed the description in src/modules/tiling/e_mod_tiling.c:e_modapi_shutdown for ACTION_DEL. as such it's not displayed in settings. you forgot e_modapi_init. i also guess there is a need to update translations.

1435 #define ACTION_ADD(_action, _cb, _title, _value, _params, _example, _editable) \
1436   {                                                                            \
1437      const char *_name = _value;                                               \
1438      if ((_action = e_action_add(_name))) {                                    \
1439           _action->func.go = _cb;                                              \
1440           e_action_predef_name_set(N_("Tiling"), _title, _name,                \
1441                                    _params, _example, _editable);              \
1442        }                                                                       \
1443   }
1445    /* Module's actions */
1446    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_togglefloat, _e_mod_action_toggle_floating_cb,
1447               N_("Toggle floating"), "toggle_floating", NULL, NULL, 0);
1449    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_move_up, _e_mod_action_move_up_cb,
1450               N_("Move the focused window up"), "move_up", NULL, NULL, 0);
1451    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_move_down, _e_mod_action_move_down_cb,
1452               N_("Move the focused window down"), "move_down", NULL, NULL, 0);
1453    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_move_left, _e_mod_action_move_left_cb,
1454               N_("Move the focused window left"), "move_left", NULL, NULL, 0);
1455    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_move_right, _e_mod_action_move_right_cb,
1456               N_("Move the focused window right"), "move_right", NULL, NULL, 0);
1458    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_toggle_split_mode, _e_mod_action_toggle_split_mode,
1459               N_("Toggle split mode"), "toggle_split_mode", NULL, NULL, 0);
1461    ACTION_ADD(_G.act_swap_window, NULL, N_("Swap window"), "swap_window", NULL,
1462               NULL, 0);
1463    _G.act_swap_window->func.go_mouse = _e_mod_action_swap_window_go_mouse;
1464    _G.act_swap_window->func.end_mouse = _e_mod_action_swap_window_end_mouse;
1466 #undef ACTION_ADD

and i don't get why a name or description would be needed for deleting an action. that design choice let to this miss.

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